On our travels around the world we've been privy to a number of stunning homes that have showcased beautiful architecture and incredible interior design.  Where many will opt for a grand piano or slightly larger sofa to fill a space, there are those that think a little differently.  How differently you ask?  Very differently!  With a 2,000 sq. ft lot of land and a list of specifications from his client, Japanese architect Tsuchida Takuya was charged with creating the Kre House in Tokyo, Japan.  While there are a number of interesting requests such as the high tree in the living room and floating rooms, what grabbed our attention the most was the request for the space to feature a 9-car garage including a lift to raise the owner's  Lamborghini Countach into the living room through the floor.  If that sounds wild, it's because it is!  At GUNN we wouldn't have it any other way.

Via Archilovers