From our little island, crossing the Atlantic ocean to be welcomed by Lady Liberty is one of the greatest, most exciting voyages one could hope to make.  We've always felt the iconic statue has come to represent so much more than originally intended, and in the current climate it symbolises so much more.

Lady Liberty is the eternal torch bearer, guiding the way for those in search of a land of hope and opportunity, a land warmly embraced by its citizens who have come from virtually every country on the planet.  For us the United States is a microcosm of the world and all the better for it.

With recent upsetting events in the U.S, the tragic and unnecessary loss of life, the flaring of tensions and nerves on edge, we couldn't sit on our hands if we had an opportunity, however small, to try to make a difference.  We reached out to our brand ambassador, grand slam champion Jean-Julien Rojer, a week before the U.S Open and asked him if he'd be willing to "rock something bold and send a strong message".  Juls, being the nice guy that he is, agreed and we went to work designing something to tear the roof off and start conversations that bring about more peace, love, liberty and freedom to the world.