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In the build-up to our second Olympic Games appearance, we explore the design details of our exclusive Team Netherlands outfit crafted for Jean-Julien Rojer for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The Design BriefUsing a palette consisting of a rich Dutch Oranje and brilliant white with accents of bright vermilion and cobalt blue, our brief was to craft an athletic ensemble worthy of a two-time Olympian competing in the 2016 Olympic Games.  The Olympic Ombré JacketWe couldn't think of a better place than 2016 Summer Games in Rio to launch our new signature Ombré jacket so we decided to create an one-off Olympic version exclusively for Jean-Julien Rojer.The Olympic Ombré jacket features a rich Dutch Oranje on the upper body and arms which transitions into brilliant white.  We then added a white knitted jersey collar and matching...

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Our Olympic debut fittingly came about in our home city at the 2012 London Summer Games, and on the 6th of August we will see Grand Slam champion Jean-Julien Rojer wearing a specially designed GUNN ATHLETIC outfit for Team Netherlands at the 2016 Rio Olympics. For the second consecutive Olympic Games, GUNN ATHLETIC will appear in and compete at the biggest sporting event in the world.  We can't wait!

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GUNN ATHLETIC athlete Jean-Julien Rojer and partner Horia Tecau take you on a tour of their home during the Wimbledon Championships and serve up breakfast ahead of their title defence.

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